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How will the school prepare and support my child when joining the school or transferring to a new school?


Members of the Senior Leadership Team, Year 7 Progress Leader and Leader of SEN liaise with the primary schools regarding pupils who will require support when they start Wade Deacon.  Parents are invited to speak to the Leader of SEN during the Intake Evening and at the beginning of Year 6.

On entry into school, all pupils will be assessed using:

  • Access Reading Test;
  • Access Numeracy Test;
  • Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH) Test;
  • WRAT Spelling Test;
  • NFER standardised test (Cognitive Abilities Test).

Early identification, assessment and provision for any pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are very important for the following reasons:

  • it can minimise the difficulties that can be encountered;
  • it can maximise the likely positive response of the pupil;
  • it can allow for a temporary learning difficulty to be overcome and for future learning to be unaffected;
  • if the child's learning difficulty prove less transient when addressed by the school alone the external agencies can be brought in earlier and very likely with more success.

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