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2016 Exceptional Examination Results


• 76% of pupils gained A* - C grades in English and Mathematics

• 48% of pupils gained the English Baccalaureate

• 73% of pupils gained 5 or more A* - C grades including English and Mathematics

• 83% of pupils gained 5 or more A* - C grades

• 100% of pupils gained 5 or more A* - G grades

• 86% of students gained A*-C in English

• 80% of students gained A*-C in Mathematics

• 73% of pupils gained 2 or more A* - C grades in Science

• 58% of students gained 1 or more A* or A grade

• 22% of all grades were A* or A


School Progress 8 score is +0.12

School Attainment 8 score is 5.43


Students and teachers at Wade Deacon High School are celebrating another year of exceptional examination results, with a red carpet reception for the Class of 2016.  Every student gained at least 5 GCSE qualifications, which is an excellent foundation for further education and exciting careers.  In addition, well over half of all students have achieved the very top A* or A grades in at least one subject.


Our students have shown a real commitment to their studies with 48% achieving the challenging English Baccalaureate standard which requires top grades in English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities and Foreign Languages. Examination results in all the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science were truly remarkable, with 73% of students achieving two A*-C grades in Science, 80% in Mathematics and a stunning 86% in English.


Amidst some outstanding individual achievements, most notable was the performance of eleven students who secured A* to A grades in every subject;  Isabel Ainsworth, Jake Boughey, Joseph Duckett, Ellie Greaves, Jasmin Johnson, Alexander Jones, Connor Jones, Beth Lindop, Eleanor Oulton, Maegen Pratt, and Ella Riley share 132 A* and A grades between them!


We congratulate our students on their excellent examination results. Students and teachers have worked very hard to achieve these results with the support of parents, carers, governors and the directors of the Academy Trust. This achievement is only possible because of our daily ‘Commitment to Excellence’, ensuring that every child achieves more than they ever dreamt possible.




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