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Every student at Wade Deacon studies mathematics as a core subject.  Mathematics is an essential skill to prepare our students for real life, so that they are successful in their time beyond Wade Deacon High School.  Through the expertise of passionate classroom practitioners, we aim to develop curious and inquisitive minds with the resilience to overcome any challenge.


All students are set on ability. In Year 7 we analyse a variety of assessments such as CAT scores and Key stage 2 assessments which they sit in Year 6. From this data each student is put into the correct set for their ability. We are confident that the setting is accurate, but if, throughout the year, a student is flourishing or indeed found not be in the correct set we will adapt this to meet the needs of the students. In Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 students are set based on combination of current and prior attainment.


Students in year 7 study mathematics for 7 hours each fortnight; years 8 and 11 for 8 hours per fortnight and years 9 and 10 between 8 and 11 hours depending on their individual curriculum pathways.


Students study a 5 year GCSE course, from Y7 to Y11, following the Edexcel linear course; the full course is delivered each year covering the topics at a greater depth over time.


Leader of Mathematics

(Curriculum and Progress)


Mrs J.Clieve

Leader of Mathematics

(Behaviour and Standards)


Mr D.Hewitt

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Curriculum Overview



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