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How does your school ensure that pupils who need extra help are identified early?


Pupils are identified as having special educational needs through a variety of ways including the following:-

  • Information from primary schools during transition
  • Concerns raised by parent
  • Concerns raised by teacher, for example behaviour or self-esteem is affecting performance
  • School tracking system (Progress 2 Success)
  • Consultations between class teachers and members of the leadership team where progress data is discussed.
  • Liaison with external agencies e.g. Educational Psychology Service
  • Health diagnosis through a paediatrician
  • Liaison with previous school or setting, if applicable

The school has a resource base for Hearing Impaired pupils. At present all pupils are supported within the mainstream classroom to enable them to access a broad and balanced curriculum alongside their peers. Most classrooms are fitted with carpet and curtains to make it acoustically friendly for the hearing impaired pupils.


All pupils are offered the use of a FM Radio Aid system for use in the mainstream classroom to ensure they can receive direct input from their teacher’s voice. Where appropriate some of these pupils follow a personalised learning programme, and may receive pre and/or post tutorial sessions to ensure they understand the topics/coursework they are studying. They all receive technical and audiological back-up from a qualified Teacher of the Deaf.

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