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Leading Parent Partnership Award Programme (LPPA)


Wade Deacon has made the commitment to achieve the LPPA by the end of the academic year 2016.

This is part of a whole school drive to engage effectively with parents to support and enhance the

attainment, progress and wellbeing of all of our students.


We would like parents to work with us to identify and drive the actions we need to take. Please

contact the school if you would like to be part of a parent steering group.


What is currently on offer?


Please see this document for a brief summary of what is available.


Currently, parental engagement is divided into three strands:

















Family learning


During the Easter and summer holidays, and on occasional Saturday mornings throughout the school

year, we offer enrichment sessions for parents and children to engage in the school community

together. So far, families have enjoyed cookery classes, music making, archery, photography and

many more.


Coffee mornings/evenings


These workshops have been requested by parents who would like more information on what and

how our children learn, and how they are being assessed. There is a series of 5 in the mornings of

the autumn term, and in the evenings of the spring term. Please see here for the information and

resources provided.


Triple P Positive Parenting Program


Triple P is an evidence based parenting program that offers parents the opportunity to learn from

the resources and each other. It is designed for every parent to build on their skills, knowledge and

confidence to parent in a way that suits their values, building positive relationships and managing

behaviour in an assertive manner.


What parents say:


“Everyone should do Triple P. It has given me some great ideas that work with my son and made me

more confident about the future.”


Top Tips


We have put together several tip sheets to answer some commonly asked questions.










Useful websites








So far, we have held two parent forums and parents have informed our homework policy,

communication strategy and website. We look forward to working closely with parents to consult on

and inform our practices.


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