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Upcoming Reports

Printed reports will be sent home at the following times;

Year 7-10
P2S1 (Reporting period 1)
Week beginning 21st November
Week beginning 31st October
P2S2 (Reporting period 2)
Week beginning 21st February
Week beginning 9th January
P2S3 (Reporting period 3)
Week beginning 24th April
Week beginning 3rd April
P2S4 (Reporting period 4)
Week beginning 10th July

Understanding the report

How to find further information.


Guides to online reporting is available to download below. Information on what has been taught in each subject during this reporting period, can be found in the curriculum section of the school website;




Creative iMedia

Design Technology








Modern Foreign Languages


Physical Education


Success Pathway Year 7 & 8


If you have any concerns you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If your concern relates to individual subjects, your first point of contact is your child’s class teacher.  You can find their name printed on the report. If your concern is not about progress in particular subjects, then your first point of contact is your child’s Personal Tutor.


Telephone 0151 423 2721


Criteria for Attitude to Learning Grades (AtL)


1: Positive Attitude to Learning

The pupil is positive about their learning and demonstrates a keen attitude towards improvements. The pupil makes a conscious effort to ensure the quality of work is produced in-line with ability. The pupil makes a conscious effort to improve areas identified by the class teacher – this includes acting upon verbal and written feedback. The pupil completes and appropriate amount of work during the lesson. The pupil attends revision session if required. Homework and revision activities are completed on time and to a standard that is deemed acceptable in-line with the pupil’s ability. The pupil models the school’s Pride and Promises ethos.




2: Requires Improvement

There are areas that the pupils needs to improve; he/she is not working to their full potential. The standard of wok produced is not in-line with the pupil’s ability due to lack of effort. The pupil may demonstrate a lack of motivation and/or a lacklustre approach toward learning activities. The pupil doesn’t have the basic or subject specific equipment consistently. The standard of homework is below the pupil’s ability and sometimes late/or not submitted. The pupil’s attitude towards intervention/catch up sessions is not positive.


3: Cause for Concern

The pupil’s effort levels are a major cause for concern. The standard of work being produced is significantly below the pupil’s ability due to a serious lack of effort. The pupils engagement in the in the learning activities is minimal, thus impacting on progress. The pupil is poorly equipped for the lesson. Homework is often not submitted or lack quality. If the pupil does not dramatically improve their effort towards the subject, progress will be affected.






Criteria for Behaviour Grades (B)


1: Expected Behaviour

A pupil consistently meets the school’s day to day standards and expectations. When re-focussing is required, the pupil responds respectfully and addresses areas of concern.




2: Unsatisfactory Behaviour

A pupil’s behaviour has a negative impact on the progress of the lesson and its learners. When re

– focussing takes place, the pupil can lack cooperation and take too long to address areas of concern.




3: Cause for Concern

A pupil’s behaviour has been detrimental to the progress of the lesson and its learners. The pupil has failed to respond and improve, despite the range of sanctions that have been put in place. The pupil may have been involved in a serious breach of the Behaviour for Learning Policy and a referral to the Achievement Centre may have taken place.



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