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Religious Education

Curriculum Overview.

Progress report information.

At Wade Deacon students study Religious Education on a bi-weekly basis in years 7 and 8. Studying

Religious Education helps the students to understand and appreciate aspects of cultural difference,

context and change while challenging and extending their perceptions of themselves and other people.

The subject promotes self-awareness, respect, open-mindedness, appreciation and wonder. Religious

Education also helps pupils develop key skills such as communication, working with others and problem


At the Foundation Stage all students study aspects of the Six Major Religions in the United Kingdom –

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism, in a thematic way. Topics include: The

life of Mother Teresa, Merriam Ibrahim and Gandhi, Being a Muslim in the UK, Life of a Buddhist Monk

and Jews living in Britain today.

Leader of RE

Mr P. Hinds

Curriculum Overview


Year 7


Autumn Term


  • Christianity


Spring Term


  • Buddhism
  • Summer term
  • Islam


Year 8


  • Autumn Term
  • Buddhism.


Spring term


  • Judaism
  • Summer term
  • Life’s Big Questions



The MEG (Minimum Expected Grade) is what we expect the students at least to achieve by the end of

the course and key stage. During each round of P2S the students have studied the following:


Year 7


P2S 1: Christianity - Teacher assessment

P2S2: Mother Teresa or Meriam Ibrahim - Written Assessment

P2S3: Y7 Buddhism - Teacher assessment

P2S4: Being a Muslim in the UK- Written Assessment


Year 8:


P2S1: Y8 Buddhism – Teacher assessment

P2S2: Life of a Buddhist Monk - Written Assessment

P2S3: Jews living in Britain today - Teacher assessment.

P2S4: One of the ‘big question’ lessons Written Assessment

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