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School Councils are about involving young people in the life of their school. Traditionally pupils were viewed as passive learners, with their sole purpose being to get their qualifications and move on. In recent years, this role has been changing as society begins to recognise the rights of young people.


A School Council has operated at Wade Deacon High School for a number of years because the Senior Leadership Team recognised its importance and is prepared to listen seriously to all recommendations from the students and to initiate consultation on important decisions.


Two students from each Tutor Group serve for a term of one school year. These are selected by peer group and form tutors and receive training to develop their representative role. Their role is to discuss issues brought to them by their peers and to make recommendations directly to the school leadership.


The Council is organised into Task Forces to focus on key areas for school development.  Each task force organises its own programme of consultation and research, ultimately writing a report which is presented to the Head of Schools and Governing Body, and is used to inform the School Improvement Plan.

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